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Why us

Advanced Technology, Professional Team and Timely Service.

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Excellent Quality

      Company has all kinds of advanced high-precision processing equipment at present, including Taiwan Wele brand 5 axis precision Machining Center, Wele brand Gantry Machining Center and Shengyang ultra-large type CNC lathe and so on, which has formed a group of modern computer control precision machining equipment, to ensure that every part processing with high precision and high reliability, realizing the specialization of molding machine in the high, refined and professional production..

      We have the ability of independent production and R & D of core parts, including the key effects on plastic film’s performance core part, such as Die head, Air ring , winding etc. In addition, our independent production capabilities and the core technology are in a leading position.


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Professional Design and Solution

      We can provide professional solutions for customers from all industries and develop the formula of raw material, equipment, technology and solutions, which is suitable for actual need through cooperating with famous companies of raw material and control system.

Agricultural Field

We are committed to the development of China modern agricultural technology, and are industry leader in the agricultural field.  Through our global development, we bring in advanced agricultural technology overseas to develop domestic agriculture market in China.

Food packaging

The main customer of plastic film consumption is food packaging. Our equipment are widely used in the barrier packaging of meat product, the stewing packaging of food, the fresh-keeping packaging of vegetable, the packaging of flavor food and food processing. We are cooperating with international famous companies of raw material in the film manufacturing, processing and technology.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Packaging

The main feature of fast moving consumer goods packaging is the need of packaging performance and thinning demand to save customers’ cost of  packaging. We are an industry leader in heat shrinkable bags, three-dimensional bags and other packaging production equipment.The equipment performance has the incomparable advantage not only meeting customer’ demand for film properties, but also controlling their cost and formula support.

Medical field

We are at a stage of rapid development in the medical field and succeed in replacing the equipment manufacturers in Europe and the USA. Our company becomes the first choice in the manufacturer of infusion bags in China for our high reliability and price advantage in our products. Our company plays an important role in reducing the cost of domestic medical consumption and promotes the advancement of Chinese Local equipment products.

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The solutions of overall projects

      We have high-quality machinery with European standard.The solution of overall project is stable and effective with experienced technical team studying and following you to the end, controlling the quality in the whole process. Rapid response and responsible working faith will maximize your interest.