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AB Double-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine

Special customized express bags and shrink film.


◊ High Quality, flat.
◊ Special for Express bags and shrink film.

Optional Device

Corona Compressor Edge material recycling machine UPS Chiller Edge material recycling machine 2
Corona Compressor Edge material recycling machine UPS Chiller Edge material recycling machine

ABA 500x333 Three layer co-extrusion blown film machine

Double-layer Co-extrusion film blowing machine

Double-layer co-extrusion blown film line is suitable for blowing high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene and plastic composite film. The film with high intensity, good barrier property, has the better performance of heat preservation, oxygen insulation, moisture-proof, prevent frost and oil resistant and etc.

Working principle:

1、The die head using a hierarchical type screw mandrel, can be continuous rotation for 360 degrees, stable and reliable.

2、Auxiliary engine has platform workbench, which is convenient to operate; and also fixed bubble circle.

3、The first traction adopts frequency conversion control while the second traction adopts torque motor, which can get the effect of constant tension and flat winding.

Areas of application: widely used in milk, beverage, fruit, meat, pickles and other packages.

Double-layer Co-extrusion film blowing machine

Double-layer co-extrusion blown film machine is suitable for all kinds of high-grade film packaging. For its good barrier property, keeping fresh, well protected against dampness, frost proof, oxygen insulation, oil resistant, this film can be widely used in light and heavy package, such as all kinds of fresh fruit, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, medical supplies and etc. However, it’s not made from waste plastic raw materials but from plastic granules raw material.




The advantage of double-layer co-extrusion blown film machine

The design character of extruder:

Two-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine, two extruders can use different temperature plastics raw materials, the use of different masterbatch. It is the production base of milk bags, courier bags multicolor, complex formulated products.

Convenient operation

Automatic feeding system. According to the production of automatic feeding material, it uses reworked and calcium carbonate material, while B layer screw adopts automatic network without manual intervention. And the winding operation is all automatic. It can set parameters according to the length and weight and has stronger flexibility. This unit can, 5 pieces equipment as a working group, be operated by one man, which is higher degree of automation and less labor cost.

Investment cost can be quickly recovered

Within one year, the cost of buying the machine can save labor power consumption in the double times. Therefore, the advantage of the enterprise market will be reflected here.

Blown film machine

Where to apply

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Applicable Areas: T-shirt bags, flat bags.
The advantage of the machine can blow film for large supermarket T-shirt bag and flat bag. The coating surface is smooth and bright, much better than that of national quality standard. Furthermore, the film can be directly used for printing colorfully and in flatness. It can save time and labor consuming.


Apply to industry: high quality garbage bag
As the Improved living standards and industrial technology, the requirements of garbage bags are gradually increasing. The recycle material products of garbage bag haven’t been meeting the demand in the market. Nowadays, more and more companies choose our machines for high quality garbage bags film, which has excellent barrier properties, superior tensile and texture. They are already widely used in medical waste packaging, civilian garbage bag, hotels, schools, property and many other fields.


Applicable industry: degradable plastic mulch film
This machine is applied widely in the agriculture, Biodegradable plastic, corrosion resistant plastic sheeting and etc.