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Professional Manufacturer of Multi-layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

PLASTAR-Die head work shop
About US:

Wenzhou Ao’xiang Packaging Machinery Co.,ltd., founded in 2008, is located in the China packaging machinery City – Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. We are a professional plastic packaging machinery enterprise with high science and technology. Our main products are multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing machines with inner cooling device, stretch film machines and etc., which are sold all over the world, such as Europe, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Mexico, Yemen and so on. Multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine is the top exporting in China every year, and gets good comments from customers.

Our company has got the ISO9001 international quality management system and also EU. CE product certification. With “integrity, quality, service, innovation”, we always improve and innovate the technology to get the best service and the most reliable, competitive machine. We occupied the most part of packaging machinery market so that our products become internationalization and globalization in near future.


Our company produced the “Internal bubble cooling (IBC) multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine to replace the traditional die head. It solved the problem of die head leakage material. We also designed the cold and hot wind exchange system. when it works, one side blows the cold wind and the other sucks out the hot air, making the film cooling and accelerating the forming quickly. We designed the up-traction on the rotating structure and made the film more transparent and thicker.
Moreover, our producing speed is 4/3 times faster than traditional machine, which can produce three meters width film. So far, it has been the widest and the fastest multi-layer co-extrusion rotary film blowing machine in China yet because it succeed in innovating of up-traction. Our products have been declared domestic patents and the technology at the domestic leading level.

PLASTAR-Die head work shop 01

Large Lathe:

ensure the workpiece smoothness and rigidity.

PLASTAR-Die head work shop 02

Five-axis Linkage Process Center:

increase the precision of workpieces.

PLASTAR-Die head work shop 03

All NC Process:

make mold form once.

PLASTAR-Die head work shop 04

Multi-stage Operation:

needless to machine tooling frequently.

Development history of PLASTAR

In 2008, Plastar was founded in Wenzhou, focusing on manufacturing multi-layer co-extrusion blown film machine.

In 2009, Plastar manufactured our own double-layer blown film machine with up-rotation device.

In 2010, Plastar successfully developed ABC three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine.

In 2011, Plastar got the CE Certificate and SGS Certificate.

In 2012, Plastar successfully developed five-layer co-extrusion blown film machine.

In 2013, Plastar got the honor for “ Wenzhou Technology Innovation Enterprise”

In 2014, Plastar successfully developed ABA three-layer co-extrusion single head blown film machine.

In 2015, Plastar successfully developed ABA three-layer co-extrusion double head blown film machine.

In 2016, Plastar successfully developed Central Winder Mode.