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Five-Layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

Supply special film better.

Five layer co-extrusion blown film machine

◊ Professional and Customized.
◊ High Quality, flat and no blemish.
◊ Stable with low cost and high output.


Optional Device

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Corona Compressor Edge material recycling machine UPS Chiller Edge material recycling machine

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Five-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine adopts easy batch and ISMD high torque servo direct drive motor.
Easy batch mixer can mix various raw materials according to the need of the weight proportioning during the extrusion process, and also control the extruder screw speed and traction roller speed to control extrusion amount and per meter weight.
the easy batch system can be controlled by remote terminal automatic operation. The display can show all the program data, at the same time the operator can control the entire equipment or each independent part on the special area of touch screen on the main controller panel . ISMD series high torque servo direct drive motor adopt direct drive motor without gearbox system.
Compare with the traditional asynchronous motor or a DC motor with gearbox system, the advantage is save cost by replacing the speed reducer,; reduce noise; the whole speed range, wide load range to maintain high efficiency; high power factor; improve the dynamic response; compacted structure to reducing the volume of the equipment and save covering space; improve the control precision, improve product quality; to improve the MTBF (mean normal running time) index; greatly reducing maintenance workload; convenient screw disassemble.

The Application Category of Products

       Nowadays the requirement of packaging materials in the market is increasingly higher. More and more functions need for some special requirements for film products. The multi-layer co-extrusion is badly demanded in the market for the purpose of output of materials, reduction of re-composition and unnecessary process.

1 . Optimizing Process of special film

        Multi-layer co-extrusion composite adopts several extrusion machines with the similar or dissimilar resin into a compound die head at the same time. All layers of resin in the die head or outside form together and become a composite film after cooling through extruding and composite. The main features of composite extrusion are: a multi-layer film extrusion molding once time, with simple process, saving energy and high production efficiency as well as low cost. Composite film is soft, so it feels comfortable. As there is no residual solvents, it is not necessary to use glue between layer and layer. Furthermore, the film is no smelly and suitable for packaging of food and medical appliance.

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The advantages of Five layers co-extrusion film blowing machine

Up-traction design features:

It is a technical improvement of Up-Rotation replaces die head rotation. The traction roll and herringbone splint rotates 180 degree back and forth and film operates as radius to eliminate “critical reinforcement” phenomenon caused by the thickness of bubble. The die head is always in the stationary state and strengthen the film more evenly in thickness.

Automatic cooling air ring:

The air ring is divided into multiple chambers. Every chamber of the valve is controlled by step motor. It is connected with the monitoring software. The data is adjustable according to the thickness measurement system. When thickness is bigger than the set one, the motor will reduce the airflow into the corresponding parts to diminish the thickness of the film. In the same sense, when thickness is smaller than the set one, the motor will intensify the airflow into the corresponding parts to increase the thickness of the film.

The mixing feeding system of batch-in-weight and loss-in-weight:

Integration of absorbing, weighing, hybrid controlling extruding output can have a control and statistics in material consumption.

Principle of operation: the operator sets formula in the touch screen, the the system is automatically absorbing material. According to the formula weighed into the cylinder by fully mixing and according to the requirement of extrusion amount, load raw material into the screw.

Blown film machine

Where to Apply

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Where to Apply:

Five layers co-extrusion blown film production line adopts the new type of high efficiency and low energy consumption extrusion line with the IBC film cooling system inside the bubble, + 360 degree for traction on the horizontal rotating system and photoelectric automatic correction device, fully-automatic winding and film tension control, advanced technology such as computer screen automatic control system. Compared with the similar equipment, it has the advantages of higher output, better plasticizing and lower consumption as well we easier operation, completely solving winding size issue, and makes the product quality up to a new step. The characters of our film are with high transparency, durability, high toughness and the best low temperature hot cutting and composite fastness as well as crimp resistant. As its good barrier property, keeping fresh, well protected against dampness, frost proof, oxygen insulation, oil resistant, the film can be widely used for light and heavy packaging, such as all kinds of fresh fruit, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, medical supplies and etc.