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Loss-In-Weight Feeder

Screw Control, High-Precision, Save Cost

Loss-In-Weight Feeder2


P-LINE is available in various models to meet mono and co-extrusion process requirements

Throughputs Of 150,300,600, 1000 up to 2000kg/h. easy installation of the weigh hopper directly on the extruder throat replacing the conventional feed hopper

Weigh hopper assembly prearranged for pre-storage hopper and/or vacuum loader installation without additional supports


Quick and easy access to all components

Feed hoppers with sight glass for visual level control and quick-release

ring clamp for easy cover removal

Drain spout for easy and quick hopper emptying

Automatic mode, Make the operation more concise

When you need to change the product formula, you only need to set of requirements related to the product width, thickness (meters) system will be in 30 seconds will all data processing, greatly reduces the startup time, avoid the waste of raw materials

From the chart. we can get all the data of the current product, such as the current output, thickness, weight of the meter, ratio of each layer to layer, and the speed of the line. And we can see the current use of the number of raw materials, production’s length, what is the current precipe.

Extruder rate by weigh or Weigh of product per running length or average thickness (film width and polymer density input required) 

Setpoint entry for single layer extrusion line

Total extrusion throughout rate by weigh and percentage layer ratio or Weigh of product per running length and percentage layer radio or

Average total thickness and percentage layer ratio (film width and polymer density input required) 

In the manual mode, you can operation it quickly and see all of the current data clearly:

Running in manual mode

Set the speed of each layer

The speed of the current extruder is observed

The current ratio of each layer is observed

Get the thickness of each layer as well as the weight of rice

The current line speed can be set in the traction area.

Can see the actual line speed

You can see the current status of each layer

In linkage mode. you only need to set the master extruder’s speed, slaves’ speed WiII follow master’s speed changing proprtionately

Setpoint entry for single layer extrusion line

Recipe selection

We offer at least 100 formulations

For your choice.



Data analysis, enterprise production and management, cost control, strong links. 

Efficient and accurate data will help us to control the production process in real-time efficiency Of the enterprise.


Extruded products accounted for between 70% – 80% Of raw materials manufacturing costs, but PA-INE can save a lot of raw material costs for you in the following aspects:

Change the specifications to save raw materials.Each change specifications can save about 20 minutes; the product specifications from 200KG / H, 1500MM, 100 micron to 250KG / H 1800MM 120 microns, five times change specifications within a month, the price of raw materials 12,000 RMB / ton. , Then a year down the cost of raw materials can be saved as: 200 * (20/60) * 12 * 5 * 12 RMB = 48,000 RMB

Increase recycling materials to save raw materials costs.Middle yield 100KG / H, an increase of 5% recycled material, per ton of new material price of 12,000 RMB.Then a year can save new material: 100KG / H * 24 hours *300 days * 5 12 RMB = 396,000 RMB 

Control products’ lower limit to save raw materials.Production requirements such as thickness is 100 microns, for not less than 97 micron droplets, our products can be an average thickness of about 1 micron in error control, and we can set a lower limit on the product 98 micron, can save 2% by material cost. If the yield Of the extruder 200KG / H, then a year can save raw materials:200KG / H * 24 hours * 300 days * 2% * 12 RMB = 345,600 RMB

Machine operation is simple, No need to hire high-wage employees. Can save 2000RMB per month.Then a year down can save cost: 2000 RMB / month * 12 months = 24,000 RMB

P-LINE real-time online monitoring extruder’s states, can be very effectively controlled extruder products, to ensure the stability Of the extrusion products, reduce defects and avoid waste.

By using P-LINE, no more than two months, you can recover the investment

P-LlNE’s life cycle is at least 10 years