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Mini Type Film Blown Film Machine

High Output

Mini type blown film machine

◊ Stable and high output: 50kg/h.

Optional Device

Corona Compressor UPS Chiller
Corona Compressor UPS Chiller

Mini type blown film machine 01

The advantage of Mini type film blowing machine is high capacity, stable performance, low power consumption and etc. using the simple design to achieve high efficiency. The capacity is double higher than the same industry. No matter it is new material, recycling material or biodegradable material, all have outstanding and the high stable performance. As it is easy to operate and low consumption, it can save labor cost and energy. Machine, suitable for all kinds of material, will greatly reduce the cost, which will improve the competitiveness of enterprises, well-dealt with the market varies.

The applicable range of plastic film

The applicable range of film blowing machine is wide, mostly for vest bag, flat bag, biodegradable plastic film and fruit packaging.

1 . How to deal with biodegradable materials

In the same earth, under the same blue sky, how to deal with pollution? Each country has certain measures. In the plastic film industry, as where there is white pollution, there is biodegradable material.

Our mini film blowing machine deals with big viscosity, biodegradable materials with special compression ratio. Create a new series screw with reasonable ration between length and diameter, the special compression ratio and even has the specially high output. It can only challenge in our company.
Almighty processing is far from the only value of the machine to you. If it has no reliable quality, the efficiency will be disappeared in the frequent failure. The greatest value bringing to you is our reliable quality.




The advantage of mini film blowing machine

The design features of extruder

Mini type film blowing machine adopts the newest screw, convenient for operation, and has both quality and capacity. It is the first choice for large or medium size blowing manufacturers.

Convenient operation

Automatic feeding system. According to the production of automatic feeding material, Simple design will focus quality on the details. Also easily and fast winding.

The investment can be recovered quickly

Within one year, your invest on machine can be recovered soon because of the high capacity. The advantage of your enterprise will be shown hereby.

Mini Type Film blowing machine

Where to apply

Mini Type Film blowing machine 1

Where to apply: the vest bags, flat bags.
The advantage of the machine can blow film for large supermarket T-shirt bag and flat bag. The film can be directly processed and used for printing colorfully and in flatness.


Suitable industry: high quality garbage bag
When producing high quality garbage can add recycling material and Caco3, it can meet national standards with the best stretchability and impermeability